• Beautiful Wood Fence
    Beautiful Wood Fence
    Antique Wood Fence
  • Super Nice Taller Wood Fence
    Super Nice Taller Wood Fence
    Do you need a 10 ft. wood fence to help keep your privacy? We can build you one.
  • Decorative Gate
    Decorative Gate
    Do you need a special gate? Big Country Fencing installs decorative gates within a specified budget.
  • Beautiful Wood Fence
    Beautiful Wood Fence
    Big Country Fencing can build you a special fence with any particular stain color you choose.
  • Wood Fence Surrounding Home
    Wood Fence Surrounding Home
    This out in the country style fence is breath taking.

Big Country Fence Contractor in Abilene, Tx has been providing reliable service and quality fencing for over 20 YEARS. Big Country Fencing Company gives you more choices, higher quality and great competitive prices.

Big Country Fencing is a specialty at American Wood Fence & Supply Company. We will meet the needs of your particular project. Providing hundreds of rolls of field fence, hog wire, sheep and goat wire, farm and ranch, horse wire, net wire, barbed wire, bull wire. Ready to meed your needs and all American Made.  We are the best contractor to build your particular fence to meet your needs.

  • Custom Wood Fence
  • Chain Link Fence
  • Wood Fence
  • Barb Wire Fence
  • Fence Weatherproofing and Staining

We Are Your Fence Contractor For The Big Country Serving Your Residential, Commercial and Farm and Ranch Fencing Customers