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About Big Country Fencing in Abilene, Tx has been providing reliable service and quality fencing for over 20 YEARS. Big Country Fencing Company gives you more choices, higher quality and great competitive prices.

Big Country Fencing is a specialty at American Wood Fence & Supply Company. We will meet the needs of your particular project. Hundreds of rolls of field fence, hog wire, sheep and goat wire, farm and ranch, horse wire, net wire, barbed wire, bull wire, Ready to meed your needs and all American Made. No cheap wire for our customers. We use only the best brand names Steel & Wire.
We are a fence contractor and are independently run company that offers installation and repair services for commercial and residential property. Most of our experience is with chain link, wood, barb wire fences that are for commercial properties and homes. Our customers hire us as their fence contractor because they want to make sure their fences stop people and animals like horses, cattle, and dogs from getting into certain off limit areas.

Our fencing company will help you create a protected yard around your commercial property. We can also use barbed wire and other customer fencing to make sure that nothing gets in or out of the home or commercial property.

We want to be your fence contractor and provide you a residential installation services that will make you happy and proud.

We can use low-cost chain link fences, but they also have rails, pickets, and wood that are made of attractive cedar and other woods.

Let us make it possible for you to have a privacy fencing home that offers you security and looks great.

Big Country Fencing will work your specific fence.

We have a lot of experience with the wood and metal fencing.

You will learn that we are a effective fence contractor that will work with you by using the internet, phone, and meet you to find exactly what you desire.

  • Custom Wood
  • Chain Link Fencing
  • Wood Fencing
  • Barb Wire Fencing
  • Weatherproofing and Staining

Serving Your Residential, Commercial and Farm and Ranch Fencing Customers.

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