Welcome to Big Country Fencing Company in Abilene Texas!

Big Country Commercial Fencing
in Abilene, Tx has been providing reliable commercial service and quality fencing
for over 15 YEARS. Big Country Fencing Company you get more
choices, higher quality and great competitive prices.

We travel the Big Country for Your commercial fencing needs in Tx for custom wood fences, chain link fences, fence sprays and barb wire fences. We serve both residential and commercial clients in abilene Big Country Texas area.

Big Country Fencing is a specialty at American Wood Fence & Supply Company. We will meet the needs of your particular project. Hundreds of rolls of field fence, hog wire, sheep and goat wire, farm and ranch, horse wire, net wire, barbed wire, bull wire,
Ready to meed your needs and all American Made. No cheap wire for our customers. We use only the best brand names Steel & Wire.

  • Custom Wood
  • Chain Link Fencing
  • Wood Fencing
  • Barb Wire Fencing

Serving Your Residential, Commercial and Farm and Ranch Fencing Customers.