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Big Country Fencing provides Fence Weatherproofing and Staining in Abilene Tx and surrounding area. We have been providing reliable fence staining and weatherproofing with super quality for over 20 YEARS. With Big Country Fencing Company you get more choices, higher quality and great competitive prices.

Weatherproofing and Staining will increases the life of your fence. Weatherproofing and Staining provides UV protection from the sun and will reduce aging effects due to sun, water damage, and weather.

* Within one year after putting up a new wood fence, it will begin to turn gray and begin the aging process.

* We recommend weatherproofing your new wood fence. Through the process of weatherproofing your fence, a special weatherproofing sealant is applied to the wood fence. This sealant can be clear in color or can be an actual stain to add color to the wood fence.

* A new wood fence is an investment and weatherproofing the wood fence can increase the life of the fence. Weatherproofing and/or staining the wood fence will also add to the fences’ aesthetic appeal.

* Once the wood fence has an initial application of weatherproofing sealant or stain on it, it will be necessary to have reapplications of the weatherproofing sealant and/or stain applied about every 2 years.




A wood fence is a good investment, adds beauty to your yard, and also is useful in keeping kids and pets in your yard and keeping stray pets and humans out. A wood fence can also provide privacy for your yard, especially if you have a hot tub or swimming pool in the yard. Here are some valuable tips on staining your wood fence.

Wood fences are made from a variety of woods, including Cedar or White wood. No matter what kind of wood you choose to build the fence, the wood needs to be protected from the sun, water damage, and the weather. Without the weatherproofing sealant, the wood may begin to warp, crack, or deteriorate.

Once you have made the decision to have your new wood fence weatherproofed with a sealant, our company provides weatherproofing and staining services.

We specialize in exterior wood care, cleaning, staining, and sealing outdoor structures such as fences, arbors, decks, and more. Sealing is the key to protecting the woods natural wood beauty and keep the original form.

* Preserve A Fence

* Protects Natural Wood Colors

* Waterproofing Wood Fence by keeping water out

* Extends The Life Of Your Wood Fence

* Helps Prevent Growth of Mold, Mildew, and Fungus Resistant

* Helps Prevent Cracking and Splitting of your Wood

* Protects From Sunlight, Rain, Fungus and Mildew

* Restores Beautiful Wood Colors

* Shields From Sun U.V.


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