Olympic Maximum Redwood Naturaltone Fence Stain

Redwood Naturaltone Stain can be used on exterior wood surfaces, such as decks, fences, siding, outdoor furniture and other wood items. This stain can be used new wood, pressure-treated wood, weathered wood and wood with a weathered solvent-based clear or semi-transparent stain.


    • Acts as a stain and sealant


    • Penetrating oil formula for super protection


    • WaterGuard® plus two-way waterproofing protection provided


    • Has Advanced SunBlock® U.V. protection


    • Good Exclusive Scuff Guard® Formula Included


    • Creates a mildew-resistant semi-transparent


This is pictures of a large new fence below which used the Olymipic Maximum Redwood Naturaltone Stain. Because of the sandy area and windy conditions, the sprayers kept getting clogged up with the sand. There was a very small area for moving when staining the back of the fence. The briars cut me many times making this a very difficult staining. It was easy to stain from the front, but the back area was very difficult.


Olympic Maximum Redwood Naturaltone

Olympic Maximum Redwood Naturaltone Stain Fence On Redwood Wood Connected To Chain Fence


Redwood Naturaltone Stain In Shade

Redwood Stained Fence In Shade


Redwood Naturaltone Sun Glow

Redwood Naturaltone Stain Fence In Direct Sun – See The Glow


Olympic Maximum Redwood Naturaltone Side

Tough Squeeze Between Fence Of Redwood Naturaltone Stain Fence


Redwood Naturaltone Stain Backside

Beautiful Redwood Naturaltone Stain Back Side Of The Fence


Olympic Maximum Redwood Naturaltone Stained Backside Effects

Redwood Naturaltone Stained Fence On Far Side Backside Of Frence.

That is all briars with thorns and barbed wire right behind the fence. There was a very small working area between the fence and the barbed wire.


Olympic Maximum Redwood Naturaltone Corner

Redwood Naturaltone Back Corner Of Fence.